Remodeling ideas for your garage

What is the easiest way to add more space to your house? Of
course the answer is to remodel your garage. A very cost-effective
way to gain more space for your house is to remodel your garage.
You can greatly expand your home’s living space especially if you
no longer use your garage to park your car using your driveway
instead. Remodeling your garage can help you become
more organized and stop storing everything in your garage. This is
why you have a basement.

Your garage offers a perfect environment to house your workshop,
studio or home office. Many people also find that their garage
can also be used for a gym or for another living room designed for
special activities. However, remodeling your garage does not
necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice your storage
space or your parking area. Garages today have become multifunctional,
allowing cars, general storage, a workshop and even a home office
all in the same place.

Because many garages are attached to the home they can benefit
from the same comfort as a home: phone wires, heating and
cooling and plumbing. All you need is a little imagination, a fixed
budget and a plan.

If you think that by remodeling you might be losing too much
storage space, you can always build a small storage space behind
your garage to house sporting equipment, tools and other items.

Moreover, when remodeling your garage you should consider an
addition above the garage. Adding a room for work space and even
for living, for one of your kids(they usually love this) above the
existing garage can give you additional space and also increase the
value of your home without major changes to the floor plan.

If you feel the need to remodel your garage but you don’t know
exactly what you want or need, you should consider the following

You can transform your garage into a laundry room if you have your
laundry room in the basement. By building a laundry in your
garage you will eliminate the need to go up and down the stairs.

A music studio can be a great choice for your garage remodeling
plans if you or your kids have some tendencies in this direction.
The garage is the place where many “garage bands” got their start.
To avoid your neighbors’ complaints consider soundproofing your
garage walls.

Another idea for your garage can be to transform it into a gym. If
you have your equipment and you don not have enough place to
use it indoors you can always move it into the garage and have
plenty of place for your daily exercises and training. Also here you
will not be bothered by anyone.

Insulating you garage

You recently bought a house that has a bedroom addition above the
garage but it is not insulated. Adding insulation should make those
rooms more comfortable and save on energy bills. There are several
options for insulating above the garage. Depending on the local
building codes, the size of the area, whether you decide to hire a
professional or do it yourself and maybe the most important
factor is your budget.

If you have a sheet rocked garage, the fastest way would be to have
blown-in insulation installed behind the sheetrock. A fair warning
here, the blown-in insulation may be expensive if your garage
is small. If your garage is not sheet rocked you have to install
lame-spread rated batt insulation and cover it with sheetrock. First check
your local building codes for the requirements of the thickness of the
sheetrock for garages including fire safety rules. The lack of smoke detectors in
a garage and the possible storage of flammable and combustible
liquids can cause a garage to be considered a hazardous space. This is
the reason why you should contact a local contractor to help you
in insulating this space.

Garage rubber flooring

If you are considering remodeling you garage you might
consider choosing a rubber flooring for your garage. This
is an inexpensive option for general purpose flooring:
most common uses include parking vehicles on the
rubber flooring, converting the garage space into a play
area or into a workout room.

Parking your car on a recycled rubber matting is the
least common use for this product because of two major
inconveniences: recycled rubber tire products have very
little resistance to petroleum products so an oil leak could
seriously damage the floor; the melting point of this type
of flooring is relatively low, in extreme circumstances the
heat from the tires can be sufficient to melt the tires into
the mat.

If planning to remodel for your garage and you
also have changing the flooring in mind, it is important to
know the primary function that you need your floor to
fulfill. If you are going to convert your garage into a dog-
house, the rubber flooring would provide insulation
against extreme temperatures of the cement as well as an
extra cushioning. Also you must consider the ease of
maintenance for this type of flooring. For a home theater,
a rubber flooring is desired to reduce the noise